Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy Quilt Round Robin

I recently participated in a Crazy Quilt Round Robin on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework forum. I was a member of the "5 Star Stitchers" team. The work of each member is outstanding. This is the block that was returned to me, after my six team members finished their magic. I will add a few more embellishments, then have it framed and gift it to my daughter. Please click on the image to enlarge for a closer look at the embellishments.


talia said...

hi Shelly! I had so much fun working on your block, I had so much more that I wanted to do as I had said, but I wanted to leave room for you to add the finishing touches. I command you to make a bigger block next time! You did soooooo much beautiful work to mine and I feel like I didn't even get to scratch the surface with yours! :( it did turn out beautifully and I am so thrilled I was a part of your group :)

Thearica said...

Shelly...Your block is very pretty! Love those jewel tone fabrics! They made a gorgeous backdrop to all of the work that was put on it...Great job ladies!

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